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Do you feel stuck, trapped or frustrated by your business?

… it doesn't have to be that way!

As a Business Owner, you should be able to get away from the business whenever you want (you’re the boss, right?).

But, are you comfortable that everything will get done the way you expect?  Do you get jealous of your employees when they take vacation and are able to leave behind all of their stress and worry?


Sound familiar?

You’re Not Alone.

Many business owners are captive by the daily demands of their business and struggle to get away without worry. Getting yourself out of the day-to-day is more possible than you think. How?

Try a Peer Advisory Group

A peer advisory group may be your ticket to a more balanced work life.


Learn from other business owners how they create more freedom in their life.


Get valuable, real-world advice from peers who have been there, done that.


Work with a board that wants you succeed and holds you accountable to your goals.


Discover strategies and tactics others use to get deeper employee engagement.


Achieve your personal vision of what you’ve always wanted your business to be!

Which Peer Board is right for you?

Since the mid 90’s, The Alternative Board (TAB) helps thousands of business owners each year improve their bottom line and their work/life balance. There are alternatives. Let our guide help you choose.


7 Mistakes that Business Owners Make…and How to Avoid Them

This FREE, helpful guide identifies pitfalls that business owners may encounter that can kill their chances for personal and financial success.

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Learn more how TAB can help you gain more freedom to work on your business, or, to take a real vacation.