What Peer Board Fits You Best?

What Peer Board Fits You Best?

This helpful guide can help you choose!

When considering which peer group to join, take the following in consideration for your needs and the best return on your investment.


Industry peer groups are great to learn best practices and trends, but lack the perspective from businesses in other industries.

Non-industry groups benefit from a diverse perspective and shared experiences, but don’t provide technical or industry insight.


Group sizes vary from less than 10 to 15-20 members. Smaller groups often create stronger relationships and are able cover more topics in a meeting.


Some groups focus on each member for a equal amount of time allowing everyone to seek input on one or more topics.

Other groups only focus on one member for a deeper dive into their business, but limit time for other members who may need urgent advice.


Half-day – 4 hours once a month (less time-consuming for owners' time)

Full-day – 8 hours each month (generally the format used for larger groups)


Monthly – ideal for discussing recent issues and accountability

Quarterly and semi-annually – more practical for Industry Peer Groups


Problem solving and advise sharing – best for business improvement and establishing a work/life balance

Networking and socializing – more focused on finding peers with common interests than solving business challenges


Owner-led groups are able to relate better with members as they face the same challenges as owners.

Non owner-led groups are facilitated by volunteers or contract employees.


Monthly meetings only (half-day or full-day).

Monthly meetings coupled with executive coaching.

Monthly meetings plus monthly coaching plus interim support services


Monthly dues range between $500 and $1,800 (includes monthly meeting and private coaching sessions). Some groups require an annual commitment.

Higher fees reflect monthly meeting and executive coaching. Some groups require an annual commitment.

Given the alternatives available, we believe the best alternative is The Alternative Board (TAB). Our services include half-day board meetings, monthly private coaching sessions and are comprised of smaller groups focused on problem solving. Everyone receives attention for their issues every month. Considering our fees are on the lower end of the scale, we feel our format is the best value. Our members do, too!

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